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Netvet - veterinary aid always close by

With Netvet you can videochat with our veterinarians directly on your phone, wherever you are. Download the app today and you'll always have help nearby.

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Choose between multiple languages. Our vets all speak English, Finnish and Swedish

Quick and easy

Let us know about your pet when making the appointment and you and our vet can get straight into it.

Video or chatt

The choice between video or chat is yours! You are also able to switch during your appointment.

All in one place

You'll always have a written summary from the vet right after your consult

The Losvika clinics

Whether you need help with a serious illness or some smaller issue you can always turn to us for help. Beside NetVet we can be found at our two physical veterinary clinics in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

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Frequent questions

We've gathered questions we get asked a lot, as well as the answer to make life easier for you. Here you'll find answers on how to use the app, what kind of problems we can help you with and much more.

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