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Our veterinarians


We continually invest in our personell as well as our workspaces, and strive to always be clear in our communication both internally and with our customers, to treat our patients with respect, and to create long lasting relations not only to our customers but also to our colleagues. It is always important to us that our staff feels appreciated and has the opportunity to further their education.

We know that with an exceptional team you can succeed exceptionally! 💚


Maria Losvik


I have been working as a veterinarian hands on with patients for the last 30 years. I am part-owner of the Losvika Veterinary Clinics, as well as the lead vet. I am available for  face-to face  consultations and treatments at our clinics, and virtually through NetVet.

My family consists of my husband Lars-Morten and our two grown daughters Hilde and Eirin. Vi also have horses and a couple of cats of our own. In my leisure time I prefer to tinker in the stable and with the horses, or take part in my daughters hobbies music and competitive riding.

Meri Nurmi

BSc of Veterinary medicine

I am at the final stage of my veterinary studies and is currently working at Losvika veterinary clinic as a vet. The best thing about this profession is the meaningfulness of it, and that it truly is something I can do with all my heart. 

I want to help animals and their owners alike with all kinds of problems, whether they be big or small. Love for the animals is what matters the most, and I want to keep improving my knowledge and learn new things while holding on to that.

Meri Nurmi Losvika.jpg

Paju Tuuri


I've been working as a veterinarian since the summer of 2021. One of my favourite things with this profession is that no day is like the other. I want to keep continuously improving my skills in order to help animals and their owners to have a happy, functional everyday life together.

I live in Limingo, from where I substitute colleagues at the Losvika Clinics among others. Besides my partner, my family also consist of a mixed flock of animals: horses, a dog and a cat. When not at work you'll find me in the stable, on horseback, along forest trails and on the yoga mat. 

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